About Me

2014 Shari on Sea of Galilee
Fishing boat on the Sea of Galilee


I am an intentional interim pastor who delights in helping churches and organizations refine their mission and seek new leadership.

My Calling

I feel a deep call to serve congregations and clients in the midst of change. Over the past 20 years in ministry I have become an accomplished ministry strategist whose impact is seen in staffing models, strategic plans, vibrant worship, and mission partnerships around the world. My well-worn passport illustrates a passion for bringing hope to people experiencing change, crisis, conflict, or living in poverty.

My strengths include learning, maximizing effectiveness, team building, and collaboration. I am passionate about discovering and activating strengths in others through coaching groups and retreats.

I now serve as Interim Head of Staff/Sr. Pastor at West Side Presbyterian Church, in West Seattle. Over the summer I served as  a Sabbatical Pastor at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tacoma. Prior to this I served as Interim Head of Staff at Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church in Spokane, WA.

I enjoy serving on the Board of Directors of Medical Teams International and the Thai Christian Foundation.