Interim Goals

While serving as an Interim leader the goals guiding my work in congregations and organizations include:

  • To endeavor on a daily basis to do the tasks and ministry necessary to insure the success of the next installed pastor/organizational leader.
  • To maintain the viability of the congregation by finding out everything possible about them from peers: such as the Presbytery, neighboring pastors/congregations, community leaders, etc.
  • To resolve feelings of grief: identifying issues that must be resolved during the interim period, and discerning which ones should wait for the next leader to address.
  • To reinforceĀ the ministry of the laity: getting to know the congregation, especially the boards and committees focusing on history, service, worship, power structures, and other vital needs.
  • To craft a roadmap*: communicating where we are at each step in the process of calling a new pastor/leader.
  • To clarify the mission of the church/organization: conduct a mission study suitable for use by the nominating committee, new leadership, and other entities.
  • To identify and resolve special needs in the staff and other constituents.
  • To nurture an abundance of fellowship among the congregation and their friends.
  • To seek reconciliation in strained relationships.
  • To guide the work of governing bodies to form, train, and expedite the work of the nominating committee to seek the next pastor/leader, and
  • To say good-bye.

*Current interim roadmap (December 2016)